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Mid-Wisconsin Security Inc is your complete security, camera, and alarm system provider across the state of Wisconsin. Our experts work with you to build a custom system that protects your property and can automatically alert local authorities or emergency services.

Are you looking for a home security system, business security system, and electronic life safety monitoring or fire system? How do you make the right decision when choosing an alarm company to protect your home and business while you are on vacation? As a member of the NBFAA (National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association), we can help you select a security system that will fit your needs!
Security Camera — Security Alarms in Fitchburg, WI
Security Alarm Setup — Security Alarms in Fitchburg, WI
You should always feel safe and secure in your own home or business. Mid-Wisconsin Security Inc can set you up with a security system that meets all of your needs.
Security Camera on Building — Security Alarms in Fitchburg, WI
We partner with leading brands to bring you the very best in equipment. From technology that helps you digitally control who can and can't enter your property, to wireless backups that keep you connected to emergency services even if your phone lines or cables are cut, Mid-Wisconsin Security Inc helps prepare you for the unexpected.
Security Specialist — Security Alarms in Fitchburg, WI
With nearly 5 decades of experience, there's practically no system we can't service. We work hard so you get protection and monitoring you can depend on!
Get started on a system that protects what's most important to you. Call Mid-Wisconsin Security Inc today at (608) 233-5039 for your free estimate.