Security System and Fire Alarm Installations

Rest assured knowing your home or business is safe with security systems, alarms, cameras, and sensors from Mid-Wisconsin Security Inc. Our technicians service all of Wisconsin, and have the knowledge to plan, install, monitor, and maintain your monitoring needs.

Each system we install is custom-designed based on your needs and the requirements of your building. Most residential systems can be installed in just one day – call us today to speak with a technician and find out how!

Complete Home and Building Monitoring

Mid-Wisconsin Security Inc installs, services, and maintains a variety of systems for your property, including:
  • Intrusion Alarm Systems
  • Cellular Backup
  • Fire and Smoke Detection Systems
  • Sprinkler System Supervision
  • Closed Circuit T.V. (Commercial And Residential)
  • IP Video / Analog Video
  • Card Access Systems (LAN Or Direct)
  • Intercoms
  • Entryway Alarms
Security Alarm — Security Alarms in Fitchburg, WI
We offer free estimates for both commercial and residential applications, and offer 24/7 customer support with a low annual rate. Keep your property secure with Mid-Wisconsin Security Inc.

Burglar and Intrusion Alarms

Keep your property secure against threats with a custom security system from Mid-Wisconsin Security Inc. We consult with you to determine what you need protected, then analyze your building for weaknesses, or areas of opportunity for would-be intruders.

We use a combination of sensors to provide you with total security. Motion detectors can cover large areas, while glass break detectors and door-contact sensors can cover your points of entry.

Security Sensors for Pet Owners

Traditional security systems, like motion detectors or heat sensors, can be activated by dogs, cats, and pets wandering your home or business. Mid-Wisconsin Security Inc can install specialized stress-detection sensors on the supports for your floors. Cats and dogs wouldn't weigh enough to trip them, but an intruder would. Find out if stress detectors are ideal for your building! Call (608) 233-5039 today.

Fire Detection Systems

When it comes to fire protection, detection is your first line of defense. The alarm and sensor specialists at Mid-Wisconsin Security Inc help assure your safety and the security of your property with integrated fire and smoke detection systems. When these alarms go off, local fire and emergency services are automatically notified. We can use the latest smart technologies to create a system that meets your needs and can be accessed from anywhere with a smart phone and cell service.
Protect what's yours! Call Mid-Wisconsin Security Inc today at (608) 233-5039 for your free estimate.